Plug Bedding Plants

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Our individual plug bedding plants are a fantastic innovation, due to their spike shaped stems. This enables them to be plugged directly into soil, gravel, sand, oasis, and foam for an impressive display in any container, from window boxes to hanging baskets. Our plug plants are available in a wide range of floral and foliage varieties, colours and sizes. The plants are UV resistant, ensuring they look vibrant all year round.

It is easy to change plug plant displays with the seasons, moving from spring-summer geraniums to autumn-winter poinsettias. Just gently remove the plants holding onto the stem and position the new plants using the same technique. Shaping the flowers and foliage to create a natural and elegant display.

To avoid mold or mildew affecting the plug plants when they are removed and stored for another season, we recommend the following steps:

Upon removal from your chosen planter, ensure the entire plug plant is completely dry and free of soil, gravel, sand, oasis or foam

Individually wrap the plug plants in tissue paper and store in sealed boxes or containers with lids.

The boxes or containers are best stored in a cool, dry area such as a shed, garage or loft until you are ready to replant for another season.

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