Hanging Baskets

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Our hanging baskets are one of our most popular ranges and it is easy to see why. The hanging baskets are made from high quality durable willow and are available in small (10”/25cm), medium (12″/30cm) and large (14″/35.5cm) with a wide variety of plants.

For a round hanging basket, we offer all three sizes and for a cone shaped hanging basket, we offer a medium size. We offer a huge variety of plants, from azaleas and pansies to roses and everything in between. In addition to the floral plants, we also have a large selection of foliage plants for extra greenery.

We have designed the hanging baskets to be as attractive and as seasonally appropriate as possible. You can rest assured that we would never plant a red poinsettia and a yellow daisy together! Some of our most popular combinations are: purple and yellow pansies, pink and red azaleas and red begonias and yellow geraniums.

The plants are plugged into foam inside the hanging basket, which is concealed underneath the foliage and flowers, ensuring the displays always look presentable. With over fifty different hanging basket displays to choose from, sit back and enjoy browsing through the range!

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