Get #Closer2 your special someone with a ‘forever’ gift this Valentine's Day.

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Valentine’s Day is all about love, is it not?

We may be encouraged to spend it with our ‘special someone’ – but, in this current day and lockdown, it is important that we share the love with all our ‘special someones’.

To get #Closer2 them.

We need to remind those we love and care about that we are still there for them – even if we cannot be there with them. We need to show them they are still on our minds. That we still love and care for them.

So, let’s get something to remind them - something that lasts forever.

Those in our household are often special. However, if lockdowns have shown us one thing, it is that we all have a lot of special people outside of those bubbles too – we just might not have quite known it until seeing them was no longer an option. But if you, like us, have realised these special people do exist, then join us in showing them they are special.

Love can often last a long time – whether it be love for your partner, your family, your friends, your neighbours. What better way to symbolise that love for someone special by sending them something that, too, can last forever?

Deep red roses | Closer2Nature


At Closer2Nature, we have the perfect collection of décor to remind someone they are in your thoughts – that you are still there for them, even if you cannot be there physically. Our artificial plants are made to last – perhaps even forever. And so, whether it be green trees, floral trees, or flowers (of all colours), give your special someone something special, something beautiful, to decorate their home.

To keep with the theme of romance and Valentine’s Day, we have a varying range of red plants on offer too. Whether it be a red azalea tree or a single stem red hollyhock, our red range offers all shapes and sizes – ask yourself: just how special is this special someone? Another question is: how romantic are single stem deep red carnations or deep red roses? We even have gift wrapped roses on offer. Of which, we ask: why not throw some pink in with the deep red too?

Let that special someone know they are special. Let them know you are missing them. And let them know that when we all can, you will hang out with them again – perhaps show them with a hanging basket…?

With artificial plants, you have the bonus of immortality. And if we think back to Twilight and all its romance, what better reveals your love than a gift that lasts a lifetime – a ‘forever’ gift?

Send us your stories. Let us know what ‘forever’ gift you chose for your special someone. Is there another way you have used our range to get #Closer2 your special someone this Valentine's Day?

And don’t forget to use the hashtag: #Closer2.

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