Create Your Own Christmas Wreaths

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Creating your own Christmas Wreaths is a great craft activity to do this time of year. Wreaths are easy and fun to make meaning you get a chance to design it exactly how you plan your Christmas décor theme for this year. Nothing is more welcoming at Christmas than a cheery wreath hanging on the front door. When making your own wreaths you can also make matching centerpieces to decorate your dinner table. Adding a little Christmas joy to each room while still keeping the Christmas theme consistent throughout your home.

For the Christmas wreath, we have planned to make today it is made completely out of the artificial single stems you can find in our single stem range. With this Christmas wreath, you will not need to have a foam ring to build your wreath on as we will be creating the circle shape from the single stem branches/stems.

Step 1 -

You will need:

  • Wire Cutters
  • Secateurs/ Hardy Scissors
  • Ribbon
  • A Spool of Florists’ Wire
  • Artificial Foliage
  • Artificial Floral Plug Plant

We will be going through the step by step process of creating this artificial wreath. We hope that this inspires you to create an artificial plant wreath, through this tutorial it will hopefully help you make either the same wreath or one that’s made in the same way but with different single stems plants.

Step 2 -

Once you have all the items you need to create the wreath it’s time to start on the base of the wreath. For this type of homemade wreath, we will be using the actual artificial stems to build the wreath. In the first image above you will see that you will need to get the first artificial fir stem and bend it into a circle, then get the second artificial fir with pinecones and place them on top of each other and ensure that they are placed in a way you want it to look then twist top stem around the bottom one.

 Step 3 -

The first picture above shows the front view of the full circle and the picture on the right above shows the back view. To complete the full circle the berry single stem needs to be placed on top of the twisted single stems. You will then need to twist the berry part of the single stem around the firs so that it looks how you would like them to display amongst the foliage. Next with the rest of the stem, you will need to twist it around the other stems into the circle and connect the end of the first to the end of the berry stem to complete a full circle. Secure the stems in place with florist wire, ensure that the stems are tight and secure.

Step 4 -

For this step, there are two ways of fitting the flowers onto the wreath. In the above photo, it shows that you can just simply twist the plug plant around the wreath and then fasten the flowers in place with wire.

The second option is to cut each of the flowers stems off of the plug plant base and twist them onto the wreath individually and fasten each with wire. This method allows you to manipulate the artificial flowers to display the way you want them to look more easily. As you can see from the following series of images, they are all placed on individually, which creates a fuller look.

Once you have followed this process you can complete your wreath by adding some ribbon tied into a bow. By using artificial plants for your Christmas wreath, you can be reassured that this wreath will stay vibrant throughout the season! A few tips for making Christmas wreaths, always work in a clockwise direction around the wreath. For a low maintenance wreath use mainly foliage and non-perishable accessories such as baubles, pinecones, and artificial flowers.

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