How to Pot Our Artificial Plants and Trees

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The majority of our artificial plants and trees are supplied in standard plastic pots, ideal for replanting in pots and planters of your choice. This will add the perfect finishing touch and will also add stability to the plant or tree, ensuring that it will be far less likely to blow over in windy conditions.

For re-potting our artificial plants and trees, we recommend using the following:

Sand to act as a filler around the plant or tree

Decorative pot, that can comfortably accommodate the standard plastic pot and the filler

Decorative topping aggregate, such as river stones.

Step 1 – Check the height of the decorative pot compared to the foliage clearance of the plant or tree. If the pot is rather deep, you may wish to add some sand to the very bottom of the pot to add some additional height.

Step 2 – Position the plant or tree (complete with the standard plastic pot) in the center of the pot. Once you are happy with the positioning and the height, fill around the sides and the top of the plant or tree with sand until it is snug and secure.

Step 3 – Top the filler with decorative aggregates, such as river stones for the perfect finishing touch.

This simple method is very effective and it is the exact same one that we use in our photographs. If you would like any further information about potting a particular plant or tree, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will endeavour to help you.

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