How to Create Your Own Artificial Flower Arrangement

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For an impressive arrangement, we recommend using plenty of flowers and foliage so that the overall effect is full and luxurious. We like to use flowers that would naturally be in season at the same time. For example, a pretty summer arrangement of foxgloves, larkspurs, peonies, and roses would reflect nature and add to the authenticity of the arrangement.

For creating your own artificial flower arrangement, we recommend using the following:

Oasis dry foam

Your preferred vessel, such as a vase, pot or trough

Step 1 – Measure the vessel and cut the Oasis to size, using multiple pieces if need be.

Step 2 – Push the Oasis into the vessel, ensuring that the fit is very snug, so it will not move once the flowers are positioned.

Step 3 – Insert the flowers into the Oasis until you are satisfied with the arrangement and enjoy!

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