How to Clean Our Artificial Plants and Trees

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Cleaning your artificial flowers, plants and trees is very easy and should be undertaken regularly in order to preserve their original luster. To clean and maintain the appearance of our plants and trees, we recommend the following steps:

Clean the foliage with a paintbrush to remove any dust or debris. Using a soft paintbrush is an effective method, especially for cleaning particularly decorative flowers and foliage.

Use a specialist artificial plant and tree cleaning spray, such as Silken Splendor, which has been specifically formulated for optimum cleaning and conditioning of artificial flowers, plants and trees.

Alternatively, wiping the foliage with a barely damp cloth will remove any remaining dust or debris. However, the foliage will need to be wiped dry with a lint-free cloth (such as microfibre), to thoroughly dry and help to restore the original luster.

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