How to Care and Maintain Artificial Plants!

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Artificial plants are becoming a more popular and common feature in home décor. This is likely because it is becoming more common to go for people to purchase the low maintenance and more aesthetically pleasing option. Synthetic plants have developed a lot over the years, they look a lot more real and botanically accurate. Due to this they have become more popular, especially for businesses who want to decorate the office or premises without having the high maintenance of real plants.

What are the benefits of synthetic plants?

There are many benefits of opting for artificial plants for example in hospitals they are restricted from using real plants within the hospital due to the fact that some patients may be allergic and can potentially cause other health risks. Therefore, hospitals are using more artificial plants as well as hotels, office buildings and other busy public areas. Artificial plants don’t have loads of varying requirements that real plants have. For example, needing to either be in shade or direct sunlight and varying needs for watering. By using artificial plants there is more freedom to create a more exotic and colourful display with artificial plants.

Even though caring for artificial plants are easier to care for than real ones they still require a certain amount of care to ensure they remain looking their best. Like with anything used for decoration it needs cleaning to keep it in the best condition. All decorative products they will attract dust and dirt, the build-up of this will shorten their lifespan. Well maintained artificial plants will ensure you keep the well-maintained look you want from your home or work place décor.

Fortunately, caring for artificial plants can be both time and cost effective compared to real ones. This is because you don’t need many supplies to do so, and your plants won’t require too many deep cleans if you keep on top of regular maintenance.

How to clean artificial plants

It is best to clean the plant once a week or at least a few times a month. This will just include light dusting with a soft dusting brush. This ensures that the artificial plant or tree remains lifelike and doesn’t start to lose its vibrant look with a dull layer of dust over the plant.

When cleaning your artificial plants ensure to start dusting at the top of the plant, and work your way downwards. This ensures that no debris falls onto clean the areas of the plant and that the whole plant is cleaned thoroughly.

If you have multiple artificial plants in your home and want to speed up the cleaning process, you can also spray compressed air directly onto the ‘foliage’ of the plant. But this can be a messy task, and may need to be completed outdoors.

For marks and dirt on your artificial plants, they will benefit from being wiped down with a wet cloth. This should be done with warm water, as a chemical cleaning solution could cause your plant’s colours to run. This is especially vital to remember if your plants have been made from a more delicate material, such a silk.

After cleaning, remember to gently dry the plant to avoid breakage; this will get rid of the shiny finish on the artificial plants.


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