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Our Artificial palm trees are perfect for adding a hint of the tropics to your home and garden.
With eight different varieties and thirty-four trees to choose from, our palm range is one of our most popular and it is easy to see why. All of the trees have lush vibrant foliage blended from high-quality silk and durable polyester and are available in a wide variety of heights. The trees range in height from a modest 2ft 5” to a towering 10ft 6”.
With so many palm trees to choose from, we have a brief description of each variety:

the areca palm tree is actually divided into two sub-varieties, Dypsis lutescens also known as a butterfly palm with long sweeping fronds and thin stems.

The Areca laosensis also known as a chocolate palm has smaller fronds and trunks covered with coconut coir.

The kentia palm is also known as a sentry palm has long lush fronds and thick coconut coir covered trunks.

The lady palm is so called because the fronds are reminiscent of lady’s fingers. The fronds extend on delicate branches from the thin coconut coir covered stems.

The pygmy date palm is the quintessential palm tree with long weeping fronds and a single tall textured trunk.

The coconut palm is very similar to the pygmy date palm, but it is much taller.

The finger palm is in the same family as the lady's palms. The main difference is in the foliage, the lady's palms have slightly thicker leaflets with blunt ends. Whereas, the finger palms have narrower leaflets with pointed ends and there are generally more leaflets per branch.

The bamboo palm has lush long fronds with thin bamboo like stems.

Our final variety is the windmill fan which has large impressive fronds arching from thick coconut coir covered trunks.

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