Discover Our Range Of Fig Trees

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Our fig tree range offers a diverse collection of attractive trees with full and lush foliage and interesting trunks. There are five varieties and nineteen different fig trees ranging from a petite 1ft 7” to a lofty 8ft. For style and practicality, almost all of the stems and trunks are made from natural wood, whilst the foliage is a blend of high-quality silk and durable polyester.

Danielle weeping figs are one of our most popular varieties with their multi-tonal green foliage and attractive stems.

Variegated weeping figs are very similar to the Danielle weeping figs, but with lovely variegated creamy-white and green foliage.

Exotica weeping figs are one of pour prettiest trees with delicate foliage and decorative twisted trunks.

Long leaf fig foliage is quite different to the other fig trees with its thin finger like leaves and dense bushy appearance.

Midnight weeping fig have deep green foliage and twisted trunks.

They add a lovely vibrancy around the home, garden, office and even special occasions. Our fig trees are one of our prettiest ranges with delicate foliage and have even been used as wedding décor to display table seating plans and wishes.

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