Discover Our Range of Bamboo Trees

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Artificial bamboo trees were the initial inspiration for Closer2Nature, so we have an impressive selection for any home, garden, and office. Our range of bamboo trees are made using the finest materials and the most advanced manufacturing techniques to ensure botanical accuracy. For style and practicality, almost all of the stems are made from natural bamboo, whilst the foliage is a blend of high-quality silk and durable polyester.

Supplied with standard plastic pots, the bamboo trees are ready to be planted in your choice of container. The Portofino planters and river stones shown are for display purposes only and can be purchased separately.

Our range of bamboo trees are fully UV resistant, ensuring they look vibrant all year round. Unlike the artificial trees of years gone by, our innovative bamboo trees are fully UV resistant without being covered with a thick waxy coating.

With over eighteen different trees to choose from, our bamboo tree range is one of our most popular and it is easy to see why. Almost all of the trees have natural stems, highly realistic vibrant foliage and are available in a wide variety of heights and stem colours. The tree heights range from 1ft 3” to 7ft 3”. The stem colours are dark brown, black, golden (neutral) and green, so there is a tree for every space.

Bamboo trees have long been used as screens and our range is no exception. They are excellent for dividing living areas in the home, garden and offices, providing a sanctuary from the rest of the space.

Another reason for their popularity is how easy Bamboo trees are to dress. Upon receipt, remove from the packaging, then some simple branch and foliage shaping is all that is required to ensure these elegant trees look their very best.

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