Artificial Blue Hydrangea Tree


Enhance your landscape with these beautiful Blue Hydrangea Trees. With its diverse texture of leaves and missed hues on the flowers of an intense blue colour. It’s a tree that would add colour to any part of your garden, patio or home. Simply place in a prime position for it...

Size: 4ft 3"

  • 4ft 3" 4ft 3"
  • 3ft 3ft
  • 2ft 7" 2ft 7"
  • 2ft 2ft
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Enhance your landscape with these beautiful Blue Hydrangea Trees. With its diverse texture of leaves and missed hues on the flowers of an intense blue colour. It’s a tree that would add colour to any part of your garden, patio or home. Simply place in a prime position for it to be appreciated by one and all.

These Blue Hydrangea Trees with vibrant blue flowers would complement any home, office, entertaining space and more. Suitable for indoor use.

  • An attractive artificial tree with blue vibrant flowers that would make a statement in any home, office, garden, or entertaining space.
  • Easy to maintain - saving you time and money.
  • Made using a blended silk material along with the leading manufacturing techniques.
  • All our artificial Hydrangea Trees are supplied in a standard plastic pot.
  • Suitable for indoor use.
  • Available in several sizes (subject to availability).
  • Please note: Planter and Stones are for display purposes only and are sold separately.

The Closer2Nature Blue Hydrangea Tree comes in a variety of sizes to suit your area of choice. This hydrangea range comes in a vibrant blue colour, perfect to bring contrast to any home, garden, or office space.

Made of durable plastic leaves and set into real wooden stems, the Blue Hydrangea Tree can be used on its own or in conjunction with any of the other Hydrangea family to create a setting.

To enhance the look, replace the Blue Hydrangea Tree which comes in a plastic tub into a planter or more decorative pot to really accentuate the look of the Tree. Click here to see our diverse range of classic and modern planters. Also, add a few decorative stones to finish off the look Click here to see our range of decorative stones.

Product Dimensions -

4ft 3" -

  • Dimensions: Height (including pot) 122cm x Width 70cm (Approx. when dressed)
  • Height Including Pot: 4ft 3" or 122cm
  • Pot Measurements: Height 23cm x Width 22cm
  • Weight: 6.2kg

  • 3ft -

  • Dimensions: Height (including pot) 100cm x Width 56cm (Approx. when dressed)
  • Height Including Pot: 3ft or 100cm
  • Pot Measurements: Height 17cm x Width 18cm
  • Weight: 4.5kg

  • 2ft 7" -

  • Dimensions: Height (including pot) 79cm x Width 45cm (Approx. when dressed)
  • Height Including Pot: 2ft 7" or 79cm
  • Pot Measurements: Height 14cm x Width 18cm
  • Weight: 3kg

  • 2ft -

  • Dimensions: Height (including pot) 62cm x Width 38cm (Approx. when dressed)
  • Height Including Pot: 2ft or 62cm
  • Pot Measurements: Height 14cm x Width 18cm
  • Weight: 2.3kg

  • Where should it be placed?

    The Hydrangea range is suitable for indoor use. Whether it is a modern or a more classic style that you are after then this Tree is what you need.

    Display it among other Hydrangea Trees or use it to breathe some ‘life’ into an empty corner. These are popular to display in your home in an abandoned corner or in a hallway to add some much-needed colour. 

    Is it UV Resistant?

    Yes, all of our plants and trees are sprayed with UV resistant coating when they are manufactured. They can be placed outside; however, it will need to be located in a relatively sheltered area.

    To make our outdoor plants UV resistant we add a premium grade chemical stabiliser, absorber and/ or blocker during the manufacturing stage. This addition absorbs the harmful UV light, protecting the plastic’s colour and structural integrity.

    When the stabiliser, absorber or blocker is added during the manufacturing stage, plants are referred to as inherently UV protected. Inherently UV resistant artificial plants are preferable to post-manufacture treatments such as sprays because it ensures that all of the foliage includes a uniform amount of the UV protecting chemical.

    Can it be used outdoors?

    These hydrangea plants wouldn't be suitable for outdoor use due to the silk flowers on this tree. If this plant is placed outdoors, it must be put in an area that protects the tree from extreme weather conditions such as strong winds and frost as persistent exposure will lead to damage. In addition to being relatively sheltered, the area must also be well ventilated, allowing the tree to dry out should it get wet.

    However, there are still many, many variables which make it tough to specify an exact lifespan for artificial plants. Other variables include your geographical location, altitude, reflection & weather.

    What Planter/Pot and Stones do you recommend?

    For the 2ft and 2ft 7” hydrangea, we would recommend a 20cm planter. For the 3ft and 4ft 7” hydrangea, we would recommend a 30 to 40cm planter.

    Are they lifelike?

    Yes, in fact, we have had many people believe they are real on first glance and until told otherwise. They are lifelike with less maintenance.

    What about on-going maintenance?

    There’s no need to water, feed, prune or re-pot your tree, simply wipe down the leaves with a damp cloth from time to time to remove any dust.

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