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Artificial Topiary Trees and Balls
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Topiary Balls

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Artificial Topiary Trees and Balls

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Artificial Topiary Boxwood Trees
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Topiary Boxwood Trees

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Artificial Topiary Matting
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Artificial Topiary Grass Trees

Topiary Grass Trees

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Artificial Topiary Bay Trees

Topiary Bay Trees

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We offer varied range of Artificial Topiary Plants that can brighten up the room, but this is also something low maintenance. Closer2Nature Topiary Tree and Ball range are made with the finest materials to ensure that our Topiary plant range is botanically accurate. Shop our range to find the right addition to your home or workplace.

Closer2Nature have developed a range of highly realistic, botanically accurate artificial Topiary Trees and Balls, including Palm Trees and small decorative fruit bearing trees. All our Topiary Plants are made using the finest materials and the most advanced manufacturing techniques, the blended silk tree is botanically accurate and UV resistant. Artificial trees were the initial inspiration for our business, so we have an impressive selection for any home, garden and office. From petite fig trees, to towering bamboo trees, and everything in between, there is a tree for everyone.

We strive to provide our customers with high quality artificial plants which exceed customer expectations. If you’re looking for realistic and elegant artificial Topiary Tree or Ball to feature in your garden, but also want it to be low maintenance. We have a variety of different Topiary Trees available so whether you're looking for a decorative selection of Tree Spiral Topiary or classic Ball Topiary. Closer2Nature will deliver high quality, realistic artificial Topiary Trees and Balls which will meet your expectations and more. This is a classy and classic feature to suit any environment that is also long-lasting.